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Naomi Thiers

Naomi Thiers was raised in California and Pittsburgh. For the past 11 years, she has made her home in Washington, D.C., where she has worked as a counselor in
a women’s shelter, an advisor to conscientious objectors, an English as a second language teacher, and a free-lance editor and writer. In 1990, she received her MFA in poetry from George Mason University. She lives in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood with her husband, the artist Peter Lui. This is her first book of poetry.


Naomi Thiers’ experiences with disadvantaged and persecuted people are bone-real, but so is her experience of human and spiritual love.  Her voice is powerful and unflinching, moving easily between the documentary and the personal.  This collection is alive with people made real by the poet’s passion – by which I mean her language, for in poetry that is the final measure.  Her characters are never ‘them,’ but always ‘us,’ all of us together in a violent, beautiful world that is still ours to redeem.
 –Susan Tichyauthor of The Hands in Exile

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