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Other Authors

Hastings Wyman, Jr., Certain Patterns

Terence Winch, Luncheonette Jealousy

Hilary Tham, Tin Mines and Concubines

Joseph C. Thackery, The Dark Above Mad River

Octave Stevenson, The Poet Upstairs, An Anthology Of Washington Area Poets (Editor)

Myra Sklarew, Altamira

Robert Sargent, Now Is Always The Miraculous Time

Gretchen Roberts, Can’t Remember Playing

Catherine O’Neill, The Daffodil Farmer

Eric Nelson, The Light Bringers

May Miller, Halfway to the Sun

John McNally, Northern Lights

Kwelismith, Browngirl in the Ring (audiotape)

Mary Ann Larkin, The Coil of the Skin

Ann Knox, Stonecrop

Beth Joselow, Gypsies

Gray Jacobik, Sandpainting

Judith Harris, Poppies

Greg Hannan, Instincts for the Jugular

Beate Goldman, Letters to a Stranger

Nan Fry, Relearning the Dark

Harrison Fisher, The Gravity

Paul Estaver, Salisbury Beach-1954

Ann Darr, Do You Take This Woman …Hungry As We Are, An Anthology of Washington Area Poets(Editor)

Maxine Clair, Coping with Gravity

Patrick L. Clary, Notes For A Loveletter

Katharine Edgar Coby, Thrift

Shirley Cochrane, Burnsite

David Bristol, Paradise & Cash

Deirdra Baldwin, Gathering Time


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