WWPH Writes: Issue # 38

Welcome to Issue 38

In this issue, we have a dichotomy of good and evil. The poem, “HIV Nightline” by Lane Falcon is about volunteering and “the spool of night unraveling.” Heartbreaking poetry. The trio of microfictions under the title “Bad People,” by Christie Chapman are also gems, the kind of tiny stories I love for their precision and punch.

Plus, we have opportunities for you! We have our second annual WWPH WRITES THE HOLIDAYS contest with prizes of $100 and $50 in poetry and prose (fiction or creative nonfiction) judged by poet Brandel France de Bravo. We also have a first-time opportunity: the WWPH Fellowships. These are spring and summer opportunities to learn and work with the Washington Writers’ Publishing House and have a $500 stipend attached. Deadlines for our contest and fellowships are coming up in early December.

Read on!

Caroline Bock

co-president/fiction editor

WWPH Writes: Poetry

Lane Falcon’s poems have been published in American Poetry Journal, The Carolina Quarterly, The Chattahoochee Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Harbor Review, The Journal, Mayday Magazine, New York Quarterly, Poet Lore, Qu, Rhino, Spoon River Poetry Review, Tar River Poetry, and more. Her manuscript “Deep Blue Odds” was selected as a finalist for the 2022 Black Lawrence Press Hudson Prize, and semi-finalist for the 2022 Tupelo PressBerkshire Prize and the Inaugural Laura Boss Narrative Poetry Prize. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her two children and dog.

HIV Nightline, San Francisco 2002

I volunteered to listen—the voice 
on the other end sometimes 

a spool of night unravelling, 
some poor mother’s son said he deserved it, 	

or a “manic-depressive” in a phone booth 
in Chicago: I got to go 

to another phone. Some nights, 
the red light blinked as someone tried to call,
call again, and I couldn’t pause
another crying         
		long enough 

to even ask them to hold. 
I wanted to help, from the safe side 

of the screen, I wanted their pain 
to immunize me. Even then 

I knew it was pure lottery.

 © Lane Falcon 2022  
WWPH Writes: Fiction

Christie Chapman is a writer, journalist, and mom in Springfield, VA. She is a participant in George Washington University’s Jenny McKean Moore Short-Fiction Workshop and participated in the JMM Creative-Nonfiction Workshop in Fall of 2020. Her short story “Enablers” was a finalist in a national contest held by The Lascaux Review.

Bad People: Microfictions  

Spare Change

The woman in the reindeer sweater dress and jingle-bell necklace and Santa hat and elf boots clicked past the panhandlers without breaking her stride because it was always about the accessories.  

Driving Drunk

You arrange yourself and glide through the night like a parade float that you hope no one will see. 

Cut Off Your Nose

Saint Ebba heard they were coming.

She feared it. She looked forward to it.

Everyone had been looking at maps — this place was right on the path, right in the way.

Vikings didn’t ravage the lives of just anybody. She almost felt honored. Her life might mean something after all. 

What would they do when they got here? They would take the girls. She wasn’t supposed to let that happen. She was in charge. Mother Superior.

There were no men or weapons to protect them, so she had to be clever. She had to twist her mind. It came to her in blackness one night. It excited her. It was terrible; she shivered and sank to sleep.

In the morning, she passed around blades. They would do it if she told them to, especially if she went first. Their faces would be as ravaged and ugly as she was deep in her heart that had wished for this all along.

© Christie Chapman 2022

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